The 'Ghost Captain' Has Docked: Shop Our Exclusive Rado Collaboration Now

We were so impressed with the 2017 Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook that we unanimously voted it for the Ultimate Value Watch of the Year Award, and even wanted one of our own. Now you can shop the exclusive watch we have nicknamed “Ghost Captain”.  
  • fashion director Marie Lee

  • by Wei Koh

When you think of Rado, the first quality that comes to mind is the brand’s pioneering status in case material innovation that evolved over the past half-century at a pace unmatched by any other brand. As early as 1962, Rado introduced the legendary DiaStar, a watch with a case crafted from tungsten carbide and featuring a sapphire crystal, resulting in the industry’s first scratch-resistant watch. In 1972, it unveiled the first gold-coloured DiaStar case and in 1986 introduced the first watch bracelet in ceramic. In 1990, the brand unleashed its first fully ceramic watch, the Ceramica, and in 1993 brought cermet – a titanium-based ceramic – into the world of watchmaking. In 1998, Rado’s Ceramica became the first plasma high-tech ceramic watch. In 2002 it created the incredible V10K, the world’s hardest watch (with a surface hardness of 10,000 Vickers – equivalent to that of diamond). This was achieved by taking a watch made of a hard metal substrate and using a furnace capable of recreating the atmospheric pressure of Jupiter to coat the entire watch in synthetic diamond.

    What you may not be aware of is Rado’s history in dive watches. Last year it reminded us not only of a very cool vintage dive watch that dates back to 1962, but created a highly appealing modern homage to this watch, named the 'Captain Cook'. It’s clear Rado has been following the prevailing love affair of the new generation of consumer with vintage dive watches. And it should be applauded for retaining the 1962 Captain Cook’s perfectly proportioned 37mm case size for its modern reinterpretation.


    November 2018


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