Homing in On Linley's Alba Collection

There’s no place like home. Especially if said home is replete with the furniture from Linley’s exquisite new Alba Collection.

It was a decade ago thatLinley first exhibited its finely crafted wares at Masterpiece London,the prestigious art fair where those ofdiscerningtaste - the world’s foremost designers, buyers, collectors and curators - congregate annually todelight insome of the most exquisite pieces of art, furniture, design and jewellery fromover 150 international exhibitors.

Every year since, the beloved luxury design and homeware purveyor has managed to dazzle visitors to the event with its consistently impressive collections, each reflecting the company’s quintessentially British characteristics ofinventiveness, attention to detail, ingenuity, eccentricity, wit and charm.

This year, all eyes were on Linley’s Alba Collection, a set of several unique pieces of furniture that have been crafted as a modern interpretation of Luxury Deco, showcasingthe house’s incredible marquetry and reflecting its reputation for innovative yet timeless design. Presented at Masterpiece in a living room setting as opposed to a traditional gallery of individual pieces, the collectionencouragedwell-heeledvisitorsto the Linley stand to feel right at home,almost as if they were calling in on an old friend- one with exquisite taste, no less.

Of course,thisis exactly the point. That sense of decadent comfort isfundamentalto the Alba Collection. Its sofa, chairs, coffee table and drinks cabinet have been crafted with the utmost level of luxury inmind, incorporating the finest materials and textures to engender an unbridled state of relaxation.

With their refined elegance, soft lines and delicate silhouettes, the pieces lend themselves perfectly to a pared back setting. The use of mango veneers creates a wonderful warm honey hue that elegantly ties the collection together, while sharp geometric embellishments juxtapose with ornate jasmine flowers crafted from Mother of Pearl, which seemingly grow and wind across the panels. The aesthetic features offer a modern day homage to the Art Deco tradition, but there’s an emphasis on functionality and an acute level of attention to detail, demonstrating the commitment to craftsmanship and artisanal prowess of Linley’s revered designersGraham Green and Michael Keech.

As is so often the case with Linley, the collection is imbued with a playful element of the unexpected. The distinguished drinks cabinet has a bookcase front that rotates inwards to reveal a luxurious bar, as well as drawers for barware and accessories. Additionally, the coffee table features hidden compartments, with a top that twists to reveal built-in storage for a corkscrew, bespoke stacking coasters and ice bucket.

It’s the marriage of luxury and liveability that makes the Alba Collection so remarkable. As evidenced at Masterpiece, these are pieces that deserve to become fully integrated into one’s home, that beg to become part of the furniture, if you will.

Explore the Linley collection here.


Aobh O'Brien-Moody


July 2019


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