Live and Work in Comfort at home

In the first lockdown you probably made some headway in adding useful luxuries for longer stretches at home. However, it’s a new season, which requires different comfort sources. Here we handpick a selection to get you through the latest sojourn at home.
David Niven at his Pacific Palisades home, 1950s (Photo via Alamy)

Driving home for Christmas this year felt different to any other before it. In the lead up, the narrative from the broadsheet and tabloid newspapers seemed to forecast that the worst effects of Covid-19 were yet to come. Any hope of us returning to some normality in the new year was quickly dashed – where another lengthy stint inside the home lay ahead. Yet again it will be a living and working sanctuary for most, which will mean obtaining a few home comforts to suit this prolonged lifestyle. Here we handpick some items that will keep you entertained, and make life a little more comfortable in the domestic environment.

Some folk still have serious work to get down to – and being slumped at your desk in track pants and a hoodie, doesn’t exactly inspire one to stay engaged and be productive. Neglecting the pomp, flamboyance and indulgence that’s sometimes associated with the dressing gown, Gownsmith have gone back to basics, with their selection of cashmere and wool designs, by using great cloth, and made well to make you feel extremely comfortable in the home. Long-standing proprietors of the more artistic and flamboyant gown, you won’t need to look any further than New & Lingwood’s collection.

    An elegant robe usually unites appropriately with slippers. In the last ten years, they’ve been used in unimaginable ways as a style statement, but once again they’ve been recognised as a great source of comfort in the home. The slippers on are substantial enough for a walk to the newsagents, which means that during this time other types of shoes can become secondary. Stubbs & Wootton's designs are brimming with joviality during this bleak time, whilst New & Lingwood’s exciting patterns hone in on artistic movements. For something a little more discreet, Bowhill and Elliott’s selection have elegant and soft linings for added style and comfort.

      It’s important to have your drinks cabinet well-stocked up; with pub doors firmly shut in the UK and with Christmas and New Year festivities not long-gone, there’s probably a depleted selection of liquor in your oak drinks cabinet. Replenish it more than you need to, but it will be no good if you’re not drinking out of the proper drinking glasses. Linley are the go-to brand for this concern, whilst Asprey’s silver drinks apparatus assortment bears all the hallmarks of luxury. Drinks and cigars go hand in hand so why not turn to Dupont for a luxury smoking accoutrement.

        It is not the first time you’ve had to rethink your home work set up. Now back working after the festive break - a few minor inhibitions might still be lurking and won’t subside until you have your set up sorted with the required instruments. Some people just have a few pairs of reading glasses lying around the house from the local petrol station, but now is the time to look after your eyes and why not do it in style; recognisable from Michael Caine’s iconic performances in the Harry Palmer films, the Yvan tortoishell frames from Curry & Paxton add a villainous yet gentlemanly edge to your desk appearance. Graf Von Faber-Castell’s ballpoint pen will be a useful instrument to write notes, plus spur you on to write more letters. To keep the pen away from prying eyes of the children, lock it up securely in a bridle hide double pen case from Ettinger.

          Housing transactions in the countryside have swelled as a by-product of people moving out of urban environments. Village communities are thriving again, but as you move into your idyllic cottage in the Peak District – there will be a few bare walls and empty spaces to fill. Any one of Sonic Editions' limited edition, high-quality photographic prints would stylishly fill these voids. On the theme of decorative arts, Assouline’s book on imperious artist Jean-Michel Frank, will be inspirational décor reading and fill up your bookshelves. A subscription to The Rake Magazine, will also get your style juices flowing every other month.

          In years gone by your gaming nous probably peaked between Christmas and New Year when you’re in the height of competition with extended family. However, with less people to play with, it’s likely the household is still yearning for much-needed drama and excitement. There’s nothing more exhilarating than hearing the number 180 bellowed if it’s you that has thrown the arrows. To spruce up the contest, have the famed darts anthem, Chase The Sun, playing through some high-quality speakers from Bang & Olufsen. Asprey’s carbon lambskin Hanover dart board will provide a luxurious target to play darts. Alternatively, if you're more adept at table games - a handmade, Sycamore wood Royale Les Eaux poker set from Larusmiani will indulge your 007 fantasies.

            To make your work station a little snugger, there’s candles from Linley, and to avoid your papers being swept away by an unpleasant draught, their handcrafted paperweights will do just the trick. Finally, instead of wearing a coat indoors, wrap yourself up in a super-soft wool home blanket from the Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo collection.

              In the first lockdown you probably made some headway in sprucing up your home as well as your day-to-day attire. After a while, it’s understandable that standards were relaxed, but it’s often that this point — when we’re so close to the finish line towards normality — proves to be the hardest. It means now is the time, even more so, to wear clothing that invigorates you, inspires you, and makes you feel great, because we all need that right now. Putting positive energy into the world has its rewards, and there are small steps like this that can put you on the right path. The Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo beige dog walking jacket, which is completely unlined feels lightweight and comfortable and is multifaceted in the sense that it works equally well as the top layer at your desk or out on the green pastures walking your dog. Alternatively, Gaiola's navy bouclé jacket is warm and unrestrictive, whilst Private White V.C. have designed a work from anywhere blazer, which is also unlined and as its name suggests is entirely suitable for remote working.




                Freddie Anderson


                January 2021


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