London Reopens Its Doors

As the lockdown in London comes to an end, we highlight a few brands that have opened up shops during one of the hardest times in recent history.

In the midst of the pandemic, brick and mortar locations were forced to close as London shut up shop in March. This unprecedented blow to the menswear trade seemed irreparable, especially as some of the biggest names were forced to close permanently due to high overheads and no footfall. Even seemingly untouchable high street behemoths have been forced into administration. To see so many skilled tradesmen and women being furloughed and let go, and so many craftspeople and small companies struggling to find ways to earn a sustainable form of income, was heartbreaking. However, the unification of the industry through a time where everyone — big or small — was being affected, has been ratifying.

The saying ‘it’s always the darkest before dawn’ is one that we at The Rake wholeheartedly believe. The tenacity and determination to fight the good fight will always prevail, and thankfully, this year has been no exception. As London comes out of its second lockdown this week, we wanted to highlight a few new stores that have defied all odds and have provided us with proof that in the toughest of situations, good things can still come. They stand strong with a message that it’ll take much more than a pandemic to derail them. It is our duty as the modern voice of classic elegance to do as much as we can to help our industry and these incredibly talented people. If you would like to do the same, here are the new places you should visit. However, before you do, one can see a sneak preview of a selection of shops, old and new via the video below, which was expertly filmed by The Rake's videographer, Marcus Ebanks.



Adret, 15c Clifford Street

Brainchild of Adam Rogers and Seto Adiputra, Adret champions the artisanal nature of the East and Rogers’ Western eye for detail through his experience working in the menswear trade over the years. Located on Clifford Street, the brand new store is home to those that take their details seriously, without sweating the small stuff. The focus is on immaculate quality, of loucheness, of timelessness. There are very few places where you enter and are immediately transported elsewhere, but Adret is definitely one of those.

Canali, 64 New Bond Street


December 2020


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