Look Of The Week: Autumnal Mastery

The art of autumnal layering can be a tricky task to master, so we decided to do the hard work for you in our latest Look of The Week.

Although it’s not technically winter yet, it’s certainly big overcoat weather here in London. We may not be outdoors as much as we normally would be this time of year, but that shouldn’t stop you from investing in quality outerwear for those moments when we do step out of our homes. If anything, those moments — be it a run to your local coffee shop, a lunch stroll through the park or even a simple walk around the block — are opportunities to flex your sartorial nous in real life, as opposed to Instagram (or Zoom, for that matter).

In addition to this, I’ve always found myself waiting patiently for the perfect items during sale time, rather than buying things I don’t need just for the sake of it. So when the team get together to create these looks, we do so with the aim to provide you with essentials that every rakish wardrobe should contain. Without further ado, here’s our latest look of the week.



November 2020


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