Look of the week: Mask it up with tailored separates

Meeting in the middle geographically is becoming increasingly attractive, and none more so than in cafes, whether it be for business or leisure. With the office meeting almost wiped out, it warrants a shift towards smartly tailored separates.

The worn facades of decades-old coffee shops, often run by the same families for generations have had their shutters pulled down for a large section of the lockdown. Café culture is the beating heart of the urban landscape. Whether you’re striding past for a take-away caffeine fix, using it as a meeting space or eating in reading a national newspaper – a café is a place of refuge and social interaction. In Henri Gervex’s 1877 oil painting Café Scene in Paris, friends unwind with glasses of absinthe while reading newspapers and smoking cigarettes. It portrays the café environment as a haven of style. Before skyscrapers existed, this is how many people did business; not in these square glass pods with the whole office snooping in. As the many office blocks around the world lie desolate, there’s a very high chance that more meetings will be taking place in these street corner establishments. Considering it's the height of summer, tailored separates in lighter fabrics might just be more applicable to your wardrobe when it comes to hitting the café scene in style. Here’s this week’s look to help achieve this:

De Petrillo jacket: Mr Benedetto De Petrillo carefully chooses each fabric when designing new pieces. In a classic houndstooth check, this slim-fit blazer is cut in Naples from a lightweight wool and linen-blend. It is only partially lined which gives it that extra breathability in the heat and adds a touch of informality that the summer seasons yields.

Pantaloni Torino trouser: This single-pleated, contemporary business trouser comprises all key the elements for the optimum smart casual summer look that is only going to be increasingly emphasized as people traipse around the city more often for meetings. Expertly crafted, the trouser features a stunning waistband with side button fastening and adjusters, and is unlined for a lighter feel - ideal for warmer days. The neat nature of the trouser pairs perfectly with the more unstructured design of the jacket.


    Hugo Curran


    July 2020


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