Look of the week: Spring harmony

Spring has fully sprung and we’re finding various ways to occupy our time, which means staying comfortable and stylish and with this week’s look, it will certainly help you feel relaxed about life at home.

For many of us the rigor of isolation has dealt us an opportunity to seek new ways of satisfaction, which two months previously would’ve been unfathomable. The force of Covid-19 summons experts to give their daily review on how we should be living, which has drastically changed over the two months, which in effect has propelled people’s minds to soar from one extreme to the other. Now well into lockdown, many of us have actually started to really enjoy some of the minor things that previously wouldn’t have kept us buoyant. Our love of literature, film, fashion and even interior design has developed much further than time granted before. It’s similar to the gradual process of your taste buds altering naturally, except this paradox has conditioned our extended interests, that if allowed, might have developed anyway – perhaps we were expecting it in retirement, but it’s arrived earlier and definitely in some aspects for the greater good. With most of our time spent within our homes engaging in these wonderful forms of culture, it’s important to feel comfortable. This week’s selection can certainly help to achieve this. Sitting back in your armchair engrossed in a new book with either a whisky or something softer, resting on your mahogany piecrust tripod table would surely help fulfil the senses.

Z Zegna sweater: This linen-cotton mix sweater from the famed Italian fashion house, strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort. It comes in this beautiful and rare brick-red hue with the added pattern and texture details of window-checked needlework and ribbed trims. Predominantly linen, it is extremely breathable and bears this subtle fluidity that enables it to be paired with almost anything. It would look just as good underneath a jacket, or on its own, tucked, neatly into some trousers and in this case the brand’s brown linen sports trouser which actually works very well for recreational activities such as in-house yoga.


    Hugo Curran


    April 2020


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