Look of the Week: Summer Smarts

We’re using our time at home to reassess our wardrobes and to build up a curated assortment of timeless sartorial staples.

This week, with so many of us holed up at home, our usual daily routines upended as we clack away at our laptops from makeshift office spaces; navigate the world of video conferencing and terrorise our kitchen cabinets,it’s more than likelythat the usual careful consideration we afford our wardrobes has gone by the wayside. We’ve swapped suits for sweatpants - and rightly so, at least at this bizarre moment in time. But, for those of us who take great pleasure in getting dressed each morning, in rigorously styling our work day outfits and waltzing out the door with the self-confidence they instil, thistime can feel tinged with a sense of purposelessness.

With this in mind, we’re using our time at home to delve deep into our sartorial psyches and reflect on the the types of garments that bring us joy; to reassess our wardrobes and reinvigorate it with timeless pieces that we eagerly look forward to donning in the coming months. Even in a time of sweats and slippers, we can all appreciate beautifully crafted tailoring. Here are some pieces to get you inspired:


Aobh O'Brien-Moody


March 2020


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