A Cifonelli jacket for under $USD 1,000? You’re not seeing things: with this new collaboration, the legendary Lorenzo Cifonelli has applied his bespoke signature to a spring-summer collection that oozes Riviera style and groundbreaking value.
  • by Wei Koh

  • photography Davinia Pelegri

Lorenzo: Beige single-breasted three-piece suit, $USD 1,150; light blue classic shirt, $USD 180; brown silk tie with blue and white rectangles, $USD 100; Khaki floral pocket square, $USD 65. Oriol: White peak-lapelled sports jacket, $USD 810; white cotton sport trousers, $USD 200; brown pinstriped shirt, $USD 180; beige knitted diamonds tie, $USD 100; turquoise pocket square, $USD 65.

Why has Lorenzo Cifonelli, the creator of some of the most mythical and coveted tailoring in the world, whose family invented the famous Cifonelli shoulder — which Karl Lagerfeld said he could recognise at a hundred metres — decided to partner with The Rake to bring a new accessibility to his signature style? Why is it that Cifonelli has harnessed all of his technical acumen — the secret of a Cifonelli coat is that it is leaner and more fitted than any other jacket yet remains extraordinarily light and offers unrestricted range of movement — with the intention of creating garments of extraordinary value? Why has he teamed up with the revered luxury cloth mill Loro Piana, and, for the first time in his label’s history, decided to offer a Cifonelli-designed jacket under $USD 1,000 — eight times cheaper than a bespoke jacket and one third of the price of his own ready-to-wear brand?

Lorenzo says: “I recognised today that tailoring is in a fight for its survival. In order to survive, in order to ensure the future of our craft and our culture, we must engage the new generation of customers.”


Iconic I

      Cifonelli believes that because of the cost structure of traditional bespoke and ready-to-wear, the notion of a Millennial or Gen Z-er acquiring a tailored garment is as far-fetched as owning an apartment in central London or Paris. “When you’re in your twenties and something costs so much that you feel you can never afford it, of course you say to yourself, this is not for me,” Cifonelli says. “But at the same time, when I analysed my following on social media and read through the direct messages that had been sent to me, I realised one thing: many of the messages were sent by young people in their twenties. And they always said the same thing: ‘I can only dream of owning a Cifonelli suit one day.’ I thought to myself, It is great that they are so engaged by Cifonelli but it is bad that they feel it is so out of reach and something they can only dream of. So I made it my mission to make their dream a reality today.”

      The buying window for this Made-To-Order collection is open from now until Thursday 15th April 2021. The garments and accessories will be dispatched in 7-8 weeks.

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        March 2021


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