Luca and Mariano Rubinacci: Question & Answer

With the exclusive Luca Rubinacci for The Rake collection available to order now, The Rake caught up with father and son, Mariano and Luca. They delve into the deeper philosophies of Neapolitan tailoring, whilst they explain why family has played such a crucial role in building the business.


What is it about Neapolitan tailoring that excites you the most?

Imperfection and lightness. The physique of the human being is not perfect, the skill of our craftsmen mirrors precisely this notion of being able to make an imperfectly perfect jacket, that with its lightness when worn, looks like a glove. This is the true essence of the Neapolitan jacket that was invented by my grandfather in 1932 to dress the Neapolitan nobles and the Prince of Piedmont, S.A.R. Umberto of Savoy. Gentlemen who dressed for the pleasure of dressing and not for duty.


    September 2021


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