Marco Pescarolo's Refined Designs

Neapolitan nostalgia meets modern refinement in Marco Pescarolo’s sublime offering of beautifully crafted trousers.
Photography by Rikesh Chauhan.

Popular Neapolitan folkloretells of acharacter called Pulcinella, who - with a famously mischievous and lively nature - is said to represent the creative soul of Naples and the effervescent spirit of its people. The symbol of Pulcinella’s mask is a common sight throughout Naples, a reminder of the city’s rich heritage and pulsating dynamism; its eclecticfusionof tradition and modernity.

It is fitting, therefore, for a silhouette of the mask to have been chosen as theemblemof Marco Pescarolo, a label that takes pride in its Neopolitan roots, crafting trousers that occupy the space between traditional Italian elegance and contemporarycosmopolitan style.

The brand was brought to life in 1999 by Marco Pescarolo, who hails from an entrepreneurial background, and his wife Anna de Matteis, a daughter of weavers with a particular passion for textiles. The couple melded their skillsets and havespent the past two decades in constant pursuit of excellence, sourcing the finest fabrics andemployingthe most efficient production methods, in an effort to keep the label true to its rich Italian heritage whilst embracing innovation and cutting-edge design.


    Aobh O'Brien-Moody


    March 2020


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