Mason & Sons' Alpaca pea coat

Looking for avant-garde outerwear to bolster your winter wardrobe? Mason & Sons presents Motoluxe’s alpaca pea coat…

When one thinks of the pea coat, the image that invariably comes to mind is that of the navy military classic, double-breasted, cut to the hip and typically crafted from a Melton wool or similar. It's one of those styles that has hardly deviated from the original, precisely because it has very little room for improvement. That being said, Mason & Sons presents a laudable iteration by Motoluxe here. As an alternative to the full-length Teddy Bear coat, this version of the pea coat is made from the very same animal-friendly luxurious Alpaca wool fabric, in the darkest of midnight blues. Just like its older brother, the coat is soft, warm and comfortable, and can be worn together with the most formal or casual clothing. We took it for a jaunt around Mayfair, London, one crisp winter's day recently, dressing it down with jeans and suede Chelsea boots, but it would be equally at home layered on top of a dark business suit. We can confirm that it's as warm and cosy as it looks and definitely brings a furry jolt of elegant eccentricity to a winter wardrobe.



Ryan Thompson


January 2019


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