Mediterranean: Attire for a full beach Day

People are populating the beaches around the Med with much more frequency, so we thought it apt to give some guidance on what to wear for an all day trip to the seaside.

There’s something about a good beach that emboldens your senses: the distinct salty scent in the air, the calming murmur of waves, the momentary scoot of sand whipped up by intermittent gusts of the sea breeze. They’re belts of the global landscape that can put you in many different states of transcendence. However, the poetic nature of these idylls can be compromised if you’re not feeling comfortable, confident and cool in what you’re wearing. Like the trials of transportation, the beach can be a little unforgiving if you misjudge the particulars of your outfit and accessories. Whilst there are external factors such as the blistering heat, scorching sand, and temperamental waters to factor in, you also want to be blending in with the natural beauty of these places in stylish attire. Here we offer some light guidance on how to relish a full beach day, whilst staying infinitely cool.


Freddie Anderson


June 2021

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