Mediterranean casual glamour by The Talented Mr. Kraft

In expanding Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo to include elegant casual wear and a women’s line, the brand completes its mission to bring the sartorial revolution to all. Here we see the collection in full sail, naturally aboard the same boat used by Alain Delon in “Plein Soleil”.

From constrictive corsets to capacious skirts via two-inch-high ‘chopines’ worn in 14th century Venice, women in lofty societal positions, in less enlightened times, have often been made to wear clothing which handicapped them: almost as if what they wore needed to exude a “ladylike” acquiesce.

Nowadays, mercifully, au courant women today wish to stride further into the 21st Century with assertive, rather than submissive, femininity: which makes Alexander Kraft's decision to add women’s apparel to his summer collection (photographed below, incidentally, on a boat originally commissioned by the King of Denmark and owned by Alain Delon’s character in the 1960 crime thriller Plein Soleil) a timely tributary to the sartorial zeitgeist. The style of the AK MC casual line for both men and women has been inspired by the timeless relaxed elegance of JFK, Jackie Onassis, Lee Radziwill, Aristotle Onassis and Stavros Niarchos in their 1960s heydays, and has been captured in a glamorous shoot on one of the world’s most iconic vintage sailboats: “Marge”, a 1930s J-class that starred in “Plein Soleil.” The 1960 French film by René Clément was the first cinematic adaptation of Patrica Highsmith’s legendary novel “The Talented Mr Ripley.

Clothing traditionally associated with men can look imposingly chic, whatever the wearer’s chromosomal make-up - “As soon as I wore a suit that was tailored to me, I just felt like I had a seat at the table - that I could rule the world,” as Daisy Knatchbull of women’s tailoring house The Deck once told The Rake - and there’s no garment better suited to making any ensemble pack smart-casual insouciance for either gender than the polo shirt, as demonstrated by notables from JFK to Robert Redford via Kate Middleton and Emma Watson.


    April 2021


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