The Resort Co: the Swedish brand with flip-flop finesse

Flip flops used to exist on the bottom rung of casual footwear, until The Resort Co came along and gave them a foot-up…

I know what you're thinking. What on earth would the Swedes know about flip-flops? They live half of the year in sub-zero temperatures! Well, if you've ever visited Stockholm in the summer and hopped from island to stunning island, you'll understand that the Swedish people love a flip-flop. Everything about this most casual of footwear styles seems intrinsically suited to the Swedish mentality - easygoing, functional, and intent on pure design, and what could be purer and more in tune with Scandinavian minimalism than the flip-flop? So you shouldn't be surprised that there is Swedish company producing an elevated style, perfect for a more considered beach-going vibe. The Brazilians have Havaianas, the Swedes have The Resort Co.


    Ryan Thompson


    July 2019


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