Ralph Lauren's Moment of Gladness

The Rake’s Editor Tom Chamberlin explores Ralph Lauren’s new collection.

When The Rake turned 10, we featured Ralph Lauren on our cover with the tagline that we – the world that is, not just The Rake – need Ralph Lauren now more than ever. It seems that was merely the twinkle in everyone’s eye, as while the sentiment was true then, it is in perhaps even more pertinent today. This was demonstrated last week when I got in front of my computer all dolled up in a Polo Bear sweater – the duffle coat bear if you must know – green polo corduroys and light blue Ralph Lauren Oxford, to take a look at the Spring 2021 collection, the latest of Ralph Lauren moments, and it delivered the coup de graceful that reminded all who were watching why the brand carries an inextinguishable place in our hearts.


March 2021


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