MooRER – the other ‘Family of Verona’

After the Capulets and the Montagues comes Verona’s third family – MooRER – who will warm your heart with their outstanding quilted outerwear.

It’s no surprise that luxury coat-maker MooRER is Veronese. As the backdrop to one of literature’s greatest love stories (if you shuffle MooRER, you can spell Romeo, interestingly), populated with magical Venetian and Alpine cathedrals, inspiration permeates through the city streets - insomuch that MooRER’s founder Moreno Faccincani suggests that, ‘the reference to art is the guide and suggestion to our greater vision’. Since 2006, this Veronese vision of ‘art-inspired outerwear’ has remained one of the most desirable Winter offerings to come out of Italy.

The challenge with having a vision, however, means that it sometimes comes at the cost of quality – which takes a backseat to the splendour and creativity of the design. But Moreno and his team are the exception to the rule. MooRER have built a large following based, not only on the artistry of each piece - or Moreno’s ideas - but on how durable and warm they are in the wild.

    You can certainly hike with your MooRER coat - if you need to. Worn in the middle of a frosty evening, or simply battling the torrents on your morning commute, the fully-lined and water-resistant range of down-wear is built to protect. Again, you could do that. But there’s something so exclusive and luxurious about these pieces, that it’s best thought of as that ‘special coat’ you wear on occasion. Largely because each piece looks as though it has an element of haute-couture, with the finishing and details that separate it from your everyday coat, they suit any situation, but look unlike any coat you have ever seen; informed by a marriage of Veronese panache and technical brilliance.


    December 2019


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