Give me Moorer: Outerwear with Elegance

Fusing functionality with sleek design, Moorer creates luxurious high end outerwear that will keep you looking stylish as you battle the elements.

Veronese coat-maker Moorer comes through when you are looking for a serious parka - or down jacket - that can battle the elements, without making it appear as though you’re gearing up for a month-long Arctic expedition. Instead, Moorer’s line of coats utilise all the essentials of technical wear without looking entirely technical: take the fur trims, thermal tech, and high-quality goose downs. They’re all there (as well they should be for such a hi-tier product as this). But Moorer prefers to whisper what it can do rather than scream.

Moorer’s outerwear (and now a handsome range of jeans) are made entirely in Italy, following the country’s tradition of crafting products that are functional without sacrificing form; taking away all of the unnecessary extras, and features you won’t be needing for the winter commute - that can make an investment coat feel more like Mary Poppins’s handbag – and instead focusing on how to make it jaw-droppingly beautiful.

As founder Moreno Faccincani says himself, "I believe in the elegance of simplicity, of eliminating the unessential – I am satisfied only by excellence". This is a mantra of our times – of cutting down that which we don’t need. But what many of us require, with the end of summer, is something reliable that can keep us warm, while making us look cool.


    October 2019


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