David Bren is the founder of The Bunker, an exclusive, Los Angeles-based club for petrolheads. He talks to THE RAKE about community, connection and the special cars in The Bunker’s fleet.
David Bren, the co-founder of The Bunker.

It is difficult to pin down what exactly it is about cars that invokes such passion and devotion in those who love them. For those on the outside, spending tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of your particular currency on a car seems ridiculous. But for petrolheads, it makes perfect sense. The joy of car ownership knows no bounds, whether you prefer to indulge in cross-country road trips or you’re like Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, who has a bespoke suit to match each of his cars, which he enjoys not by driving (he doesn’t have a licence) but by sitting stationary in his garage listening to the engines rumble.

For many, part of the joy of cars is connecting with others. But how does one go about that in an increasingly digital world? Sure, there are online forums that cater to owners of all marques and models, from Mk2 Golfs to sites dedicated specifically to the Porsche 930 Turbo. But forums aren’t exactly aspirational, and by their very nature exist only virtually. This is where the Los Angeles-based venture The Bunker comes in. A new, highly exclusive car club built to bring together enthusiasts from all walks of life, The Bunker is part club, part concierge, part hotel. It gives its members access to some of the rarest automobiles in the world while offering a social space for networking and community. In short, it’s the place to go if you want to surround yourself with all things automotive. The Rake talked to its co-founder David Bren to get an exclusive insight into The Bunker and its 60-strong fleet, as well as a look at what lies in his own garage.


    November 2020


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