Motoring Gifting

Delve into the passions of the people important to you. Here we present to you a collection of motor-orientated gifts.

Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe in Monkey Business, 1952. Photo by SNAP and courtesy of Alamy

Gifting is a way of showing how important friends and family are to you and if they happen to be car fanatics – a motoring gift, might just be their most appreciated present this Christmas.

Connolly are one of the UK’s best-known and best-loved suppliers of leather to some of the most famous car manufacturers. They have always retained a rich heritage of classic motor racing. Their tan leather driving goggles imbue similar grandeur to top-end classic cars and are a stylish and functional piece of equipment when driving with the top down. With the roof down, Omega’s black cashmere- lined perforated lambskin gloves, will deter any chilblains from appearing, whilst a burgundy paisley cashmere and silk scarf will preserve some heat in your neck and shoulder area.

Devotees of Bentley will no doubt be able to find room for one more Bentley book in their already crammed library. Housed in a hand-stitched leather-bound, Assouline and British motoring expert Andrew Frankel presents the book, Bentley: The impossible Collection of 100 at 100. It is part of Assouline’s Ultimate Collection and would keep the recipient engaged for some time considering the detail in the book. For something a little less content heavy, Assouline’s book, Be Extraordinary: The Spirit of Bentley really delves into the heart of the car brand. Alternatively, The Time to Race Book, captures the historical unions of car racing and watches.

An amalgamation of unforeseen circumstances has led to a majority of offices in central business districts lying empty. People tend to live where the work is – and with many working from home, people have decided to spread to the country in search of more tranquil, bigger and often cheaper home working environments. It has meant there has been a tremendous amount of housing transactions in the last six months. Blank walls are inevitable at the beginning of these moves, so if you know a motor enthusiast, struggling to fill their new wall space, there is no better present that some high-quality limited-edition photographic prints from Sonic Editions to add some wall va-va-voom.

The value of a key is apparent only once you lose it. We recommend you change that habit and treat it with respect. British heritage brand Ettinger have produced elegant and sophisticated key rings in bridle hide, whilst Connolly’s enamel key ring reaps the same virtues except it is crafted from vegetable-tanned leather and stitched in Spain. Instead of losing all of your coins under the car seat, keep them safe in Connolly’s red leather No.1-coin purse.

Some brands don’t design motor-orientated items for motor functionality, but more as a way of using the sport as stylistic expression. Mess of Blues faded blue and pink vintage car silk pocket square is a quirky example. Alternatively, Serà Fine Silk’s blue car print face mask is a useful gift, whilst a bracelet from The Mechanists is a sterling present.

When driving to places, it often means taking your belongings with you. It could be business documents or just a few clothes for an overnight stay. Caracalla 1947 creates luxury motorsport-inspired luggage, which will more than do the job for such trips.


Freddie Anderson


December 2020


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