Mrs. Rake officially launches online

After successfully launching a handpicked selection of socially conscious artisan-driven women’s labels in our shops in the Fari Islands, we’re delighted to announce the first wave of Mrs. Rake brands who have entered our e-commerce fold on

In each Issue of The Rake there is a Cherchez La Femme column, which looks at an influential woman who lived life with just as little compromise as the men we profile. In 2019, The Rake took the first real step in our journey of looking beyond the education and empowerment of classic men’s style, when our Editor-in-Chief Tom Chamberlin interviewed Hollywood starlet Julianne Moore for our cover story, with one of the main topics of discussion being the changing dynamics between men and women. In the ensuing years we’ve been keen to highlight in more depth the values and persona of women as a counterpart to men. Unveiled last month – our special project in the Fari Islands provided the perfect opportunity to really kick-start this journey. Taking the time to handpick and curate a selection of socially conscious women’s brands, we’ve been delighted at how well they have been received in the Fari Islands. In light of this success we’re extremely pleased to announce that a small number of these brands have been introduced into our e-commerce fold, with more to follow in due course.

The Rake has been lucky to find the perfect Mrs. Rake ambassador in Eléonor Picciotto. She has helped mastermind the curation of each Mrs. Rake product, which not only has a story to tell, but each brand has been chosen for their ability to empower women, celebrate feminine leadership, and focus on ethical sourcing and craftsmanship.


    Freddie Anderson


    August 2021


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