Myrqvist: An enterprising Footing

The democratization of dress codes, particularly in work environments has taken some by surprise. With a hint of Scandi-style, Myrqvist have conjured up some stylish footwear solutions.

For so long, handcrafted footwear has been associated with a hefty price tag. Recognizing that there was a generation who had an appetite to wear well-crafted classic shoes, but were priced out, founder, Sebastian Öhrn has single-handedly alleviated this obstacle. On the subject, Sebastian once said: “When I started the business, I questioned why retail prices have to be so far away from production costs. This inflation occurs because of all the middlemen in between the factory and customer – so I wanted to create a company that used as few of those as possible while still making well-constructed shoes using high quality materials.”


    Freddie Anderson


    October 2021


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