New! Limited Edition Camo Field jacket from TWC X The Rake

With only 17 created, this unique camo print waxed field jacket by The Workers Club and exclusive to The Rake, is a no-brainer for your winter wardrobe.

The waxed field jacket is a non-negotiable piece of kit in the winter months, particularly here in the United Kingdom, where the atmosphere is not some much 'air' as perma-drizzle. It's in such conditions that the waxed coat comes into its own as a tried and tested barrier to the rain. Humans have actually been waterproofing cotton with animal oils since the Ancient Egyptians when sailors would coat their sails in it. The trend inevitably worked its way onto outerwear with the invention of paraffin wax. Waxed coats and jackets became extremely popular in the late 18th century, when one J. Barbour & Sons started producing waxed jackets for farmers and gamekeepers. Now, the likes of Barbour and Belstaff remain two of the best known makers of waxed outerwear, but we have colluded with The Workers Club on a very special and very limited (only 17 have been made) field jacket that thinks outside the box.



    Ryan Thompson


    October 2019


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