New & Lingwood: Profound in your gown

No one quite does loungewear and eveningwear like New & Lingwood. Opulent, artistic, sophisticated and extremely comfortable, each of their designs can transition easily from being colloquial to zealous in either the day or the night.

The dressing gown runs the gamut of drapery conceit, low self-esteem, conspicuous hedonism, convivial flamboyance and sartorial beauty. One of its many remarkable attributes is that it can signify many sentiments and sometimes all at once, whether it be deliberate or not. It has the power to change the course of action in an instant - as testified in some of the greatest ever motion pictures by some of the greats of the silver screen, such as Cary Grant and Noël Coward.

History informs us that the dressing gown has appeared in many incarnations. Robes of any description were among the first clothes ever worn by humankind. Originally hailing from the Middle East, the dressing gown started to take off in Europe at the time of the Renaissance. Along with other artistic movements, Baroque and Rococo, dressing gowns today imbue many of the stylistic nuances from each of these times of artistic history. It is hard to think of a brand in the same stratum that harmoniously characterises, eccentricity, ingenuity and elegance in their dressing gowns as well as New & Lingwood do.


    Freddie Anderson


    December 2020


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