Chains & Cranes | Richard James

The Rake concludes the Richard James collection for Autumn/Winter ’16 from London Collections: Men.

Richard James surprised us all this season, focusing more on the silhouette rather than vibrant colours and lively prints.

His inspiration is that of a London port in the 1930's, drawing his mix of textures from the heavy ropes and chains of the time. James keeps the story relaxed and casual, featuring heavily on big knits, high waisted, wider leg trousers and larger lapels. It's interesting to see a muted palette of deep blue, khaki and stone hues, highlighting with a rich burgundy.

The focus on soft velvets, heavy British Melton and corduroys in charming and yet has been styled in a casual, unthreatening way. Outerwear has stayed neat and polite this season, with a casual nod to military dress of the 30's. AW16 is all round concise and pleasant.


January 2016


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