Omega: My Choice - Andrés Velencoso

He’s graced just about every cover and billboard there is. Now the Spanish model and actor tells us how his Omega story is entwined with his stellar career.

Andrés Velencoso is what you might call 'super'. The 40-year-old Catalonian model and actor has enjoyed a stellar career, gracing covers and billboards aplenty, earning himself the rare yet rightful accolade of male supermodel. Fluent in five languages, it's Velencoso's worldliness that marks him out (ok, pulchritude helps, too) as the perfect ambassador for Omega so we caught up with him to chat about his relationship with the luxury watchmaker...


What’s your earliest memory of Omega?

When I was a boy, I clearly remember my Godfather wearing an Omega, and my father also wears a vintage Omega, so it's a watchmaker that has a lot of significance in my family.

What’s special about your watch to you and where were you in the world when you received it?

The Omega I'm wearing is a Speedmaster Chronograph 'Dark Side of the Moon'. It's really special to me because it was the first serious watch I bought for myself. I was saving money for months when I was living in New York as a young model and finally managed to treat myself!

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

I would say my style is quite classic. I don’t like to take too many risks, because above all I want to feel comfortable and confident within myself. I love tailored suits in an urban environment - there's nothing quite like the feeling of a perfectly cut suit.


Ryan Thompson


June 2019


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