OMEGA: MY CHOICE - Nicola Ricci

Nicola Ricci, co-founder of beloved Italian tailoring house Sciamat, has been a dedicated fan of Omega from a young age. Here, he reveals what the luxury watchmaking label means to him.

In 2002, along with his brother Valentino and co-founders Silvana and Pippo, Nicola Ricci launched renowned Italian tailoring house Sciamat, revolutionising the world of menswear in the process. Now, Ricci is a sartorial icon in his own right: his contemporary, often playful takes on classic styling have garnered him a loyal following in Italy and beyond. With valuable insights into the intricacies of design and craftsmanship, it's no surprise that his affinity with luxury watchmaking label Omega is so strong...

What's your Omega story and what's special about your watch to you?

My story with Omega started when I was young. I saw a beautiful watch on the wrist of a family friend - it was a Seamaster. I fell in love with it and thought at that precise moment that a watch is more than simply an instrument of time.Over the years I've had the opportunity to witness the changes in the brand and have appreciated the fact that it has always remained at the top for precision, reliability, durability and, of course, style.

My current Omega is from a collection from the '70s. I bought it at a particular time in my life when the certainties of the present were aligning with certain novelties on the horizon that would change many things for me. It was a happy moment and everything was ready to be even more so (as it often happens) when you add courage, will and a touch of madness!

No one has so far been able to tell me when Omega officially first created an automatic watch dedicated to Mickey Mouse. But one thing is certain: this watch was exactly what I wanted to have. A mouse on a nice watch certainly represents more than a small and defenceless creature. Indeed, Mickey Mouse is almost mythological; sharp, with a high moral sense, and always knows how to give the best of himself. He is able to keep up with the times and change with the times. The combination of Omega with Mickey Mouse is, on the surface, quite bizarre, but it works perfectly.


June 2019


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