Omega x Swatch: The MoonSwatch

Arriving in multiple colors and made from the group’s patented bioceramic material, the MoonSwatch collection truly is an ode to the future.

The frenzy for candy last hit our consciousness when watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, 1971. It’s not really a confection to share, more something that your accomplice likes to thief. In the world of horology, yes, sharing is common, but not always with two brands that fall under the same ownership umbrella. This week, we were dealt a surprise. Not only did that very thing happen, but two unlikely heavyweights joined forces.

If you’re a New York Times reader, maybe you pondered the unthinkable when witnessing the tagline of a full-page ad saying: “It’s time to change your Omega” and “It’s time to change your Swatch”. Surely not many clocked what was to come. But now the secret is out; Omega and Swatch have come together to make MoonSwatch.


Freddie Anderson


March 2022


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