On the road to Cannes Film Festival: Stars and directors who found love

10 Minute Read The glitz and glamour of Cannes can intensify relationships one way or the other. But they’ve often been in motion long before they reach the red carpet.
Christophe Lambert, Diane Lane, and Catherine Deneuve at the closing ceremony of the 40th Cannes Film Festival 1987. (Photo by Jean-Claude Deutsch/Bernard Wis/Paris Match via Getty Images)

Billed as the “first major documentary covering the history” of the Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Uncut, released to coincide with the 75th edition, is set to detail all the glitz, glamour, red carpets, personalities and movies since its inception. Speaking to Variety magazine, journalist Christopher Pickard, who was part of the film crew said: “The Croisette still boasts many of the same buildings that were in place and pre-date Cannes zero in 1939. Those buildings and beaches still hold the ghosts, spirits and stories of past festivals. Stories waiting to be told”.

Add the collision of the glitterati of cinema with Cannes’ wealthy residents – to the hedonistic grandeur of this filmic jewel in the French Riviera, the festival is ripe for manifesting extraordinary tales. However, before the private aircrafts arrive, or Ocean liners, which Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer chartered for their troupe of Hollywood talent in 1939, romances between stars and auteurs on set, have been budding, well-established or in decline before they pitch up at Cannes.


    Freddie Anderson


    May 2023


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