On Tour with Private White V.C.

Whether it be the Allied Forces, The Met and more recently the Department of Health, Private White V.C. have always served their country when called upon. Considering their unwavering support to the NHS during the pandemic it makes it even more impressive that they’ve produced their most extensive and ambitious collection yet.

Private White V.C. would have been forgiven for producing a scaled-back spring/summer 21 collection. Due to the global pandemic, they initially had to close their grand red-brick warehouse, Cottenham House in Manchester. Tremendous uncertainty lay ahead for the firm and its Founder/C.E.O., James Eden. When, The Rake caught up with Eden at the beginning of 2021, he reflected on the severity of the situation by saying: “At the height of lockdown, we faced a bona fide threat to livelihoods, jobs, economic security and health.” However, like Eden's great-grandfather Private Jack White — who became the sole owner of Cottenham House after being awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry during the first world war — he's made of resilient stuff, and not afraid to take decisive action. In a very short time frame, Private White V.C. became the largest manufacturer of medical-grade gowns and surgical masks in the country, and instead of letting staff go, they have managed to create over 50 full-time jobs in the region.


    Freddie Anderson


    April 2021


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