Our Latest Selection of Cartier Tank Françaises with Watchfinder & Co.

The Rake delves into the latest selection of Cartier Tank Francaises from Watchfinder & Co.

Born during the First World War, the Tank’s form was inspired by the fearsome machine that rendered horse-borne troops redundant. Because the armoured vehicle called the “tank” was a buzzword of its day in the way that “social media” or “streaming” define our technological present, it was a term with undeniable immediacy in 1917. The tank – weapon rather than watch – did for ground warfare what the then-new aeroplane was doing in the skies. Cartier thus demonstrated a sort of marketing savvy that’s still in use.

Where it departed completely from its military associations was in its unparalleled elegance. As practical as it proved to be, the Tank was handsome, having nothing in common with its utterly utilitarian namesake. The connection was forever limited to the look: The Tank (watch) resembles the tank (armoured vehicle) as seen from overhead, its extended sides recalling the slab-sided, first-generation tank’s parallel treads.


    August 2021


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