Pick Up the Slacks

Give your trouser rotation some legs with Digital Editor Ryan Thompson’s pick of the best sale slacks.
Kit Blake's grey pleated trousers make a great canvas for experimenting with different blazer styles.

If trousers were soccer players, they would be the ever-industrious, ball-winning defensive midfielder, rarely earning plaudits for his tireless work up and down the pitch, but without which his team would be forever caught with their pants down. Not only do they cover your ass, they also represent arguably the most integral portion of a man's wardrobe, but the one he perhaps thinks about the least. There's a reason for this: they're not, well, sexy. A jacket for example, is cut to best present your torso eg. broad shoulders, powerful chest and narrow waist. Trousers, on the other hand, cover your modesty and hide your pale pins. Functional yes, but sexy? Hmmm.

That said, trousers can make or break an outfit, which is the reason why they are the first item I think about when getting dressed in the morning. Once I've settled on a pair that will meet my needs in terms of weight, style and structure, then I'll build my look around them. Diversity in your trouser rotation is key since it allows you to build a great deal more looks out of shirt and jacket combinations. Add a turn-up here and there and you've just multiplied your casual options tenfold. You get the picture. So make use of our End of Season sale by stocking up on a variety of formal and casual styles so you'll never catch yourself in your boxer shorts in front of the mirror in the morning, scratching your head wondering what to do next.



          Ryan Thompson


          June 2019


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