Piloti - a stylish driving force

Stylish petrol heads need to put their foot down to Piloti, the driving shoe specialists that take performance footwear to the next level.
Piloti - a stylish driving force
The term "driving shoes" will more often than not conjure up an image in one's mind of a leather or suede loafer with a pimpled rubber sole. Tod's, the Italian footwear maker, has become synonymous with the driving shoe, but wouldn't disagree with the statement that hardly anyone drives in them. No, that particular style is more for gents' summer wardrobes than pilots of the prancing horse. If you're serious about your driving, then you'll require footwear that combines the finest natural fabrics with patented driving technology so you don't put a foot wrong. As performance driving footwear Piloti know well, a driver's most important tool is their feet. Yes, the hands navigate him along his predestined course, but his feet determine how soon he gets there, and if you're into your cars, you'll most likely want to arrive as soon as mechanically possible. That's why Piloti has optimised each of their driving shoe silhouettes for maximum pedal feel, fluidity of motion, and comfort while driving. The secret is in their craftsmanship, and stems from a combination of their patented technology and best-in-class materials.


Firstly, there's Piloti's EVA foam inserts, which provide both cushioning and support to ensure that each step is as comfortable as the last, and each thrust of the accelerator has optimum feel. Secondly, Piloti's patented Roll Control 2.0 technology offers a full 180 degrees of motion to ensure maximum pedal-box precision. And finally, Piloti's driving shoes maintain a soft forefoot to allow effortless pedal feel, without sacrificing comfort or support. Piloti have developed their collections not only as racers but also as connoisseurs of quality and style.  This philosophy - an uncompromising appreciation for both function and form - is what guides the design process, ensuring that every Piloti driving shoe offers an optimal balance of performance and aesthetic.


When The Rake was exploring their collections, we immediately felt an affinity for Piloti's Campione driving boot and it's not difficult to see why. Developed and crafted in Italy, the smooth leather Campione is a luxurious high-cut dress boot with a distinctive brogue design and refined adaptation of the original Piloti sole. It includes their Roll Control™ technology for comfort and durability with a subtly wrapped, rounded heel. We recently gave petrol head Hedi Sersoub, founder of The Mechanists, a pair to play with as he took the best of Jaguar's F-types, old and new, out for a spin. As you can see, the vintage styling of the Campione boot goes hand in hand with the classic lines and interior of one of the most iconic cars ever built, but they also look equally as impressive inside the cockpit of today's finest wheels.


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