Pini Parma: Tailoring with Principles

Parmesan of origin but now of Parisian residency, this exciting young brand is now luring in style orientated gentlemen from all corners of the globe with their precisely cut jackets and detailed trousers.

With just two years in operation, Thomas Pini - and his all-Italian team at Pini Parma in Paris – are already making a change. "One of our best customers’, he tells The Rake, "came in-store a while ago and suggested that he couldn’t wear this type of classic style. So we helped him ease into it, stripping away the all-black Prada outfit with its 4cm lapel, and replaced it with real tailoring." On the morning of our conversation, the same gentleman walked into to the store to thank Thomas. "He said that he never felt more like himself."

With Pini Parma’s introduction on The Rake store, we shed some light on how, and why, the team are crafting high-end made in Italy products at such a fair price. Behind everything is Thomas, originally from Parma in Emilia-Romagna (hence the name), and with years of experience at major brands. But it only took two of those years to capture the attention of menswear enthusiasts after Pini Parma launched. "It’s because we are doing something different," he says. "We call it 'Sartorial ready-to-wear' because we include complex, hand-stitched details that you only find in bespoke, but on our RTW offerings."


    November 2019


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