On Him Be Pleased To Pour

The coronation of Charles III will be a marathon, not a sprint. THE RAKE’s new Libation Correspondent helps you pace yourself with a selection of the most appropriate celebratory tipples.

While we hear all too often about the horse that made an entrance to a certain nightclub in New York, we don’t hear about the horse that made its way into the coronation of King James II. Some argue that we are living in the best conditions that human beings have ever experienced, but at this particular coronation, in 1685, the list for the feast of James II was so long and exotic, you can get indigestion just reading it. The spectacle was meticulously recorded by Francis Sandford, the Lancaster Herald at arms. A total of 1,445 dishes were served, including “24 puffins, 12 lobsters, 12 leverets and, to finish, 3 dozen glasses of bla-mange”. The wine list was — how shall I put it — extensive. Where am I going with this? Well, we just don’t party like we used to. Unless you belong to a social circle that favours events such as hunt balls, things have got a little tame. As is proper, the royal family follows suit. It used to be that the monarchy’s greatest attribute was its enigmatic character, but then along came television, the BBC, Netflix, and Prince Harry’s ongoing melodrama. Where does that leave us regarding celebrations for the coronation — and, most importantly, how will theybe celebrating?


Georgie Fenn


April 2023


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