Invest: The Boneshaker Black from Buster + Punch

As you might imagine, leading London-based interior design firm Buster + Punch knows a thing or two about aesthetic; their rock-star wooing furnishings are one thing, but founder Massimo Buster Milane’s…

This is the Boneshaker Black. It is brought to you by Buster + Punch, a London based design label with a bike building background. The brand originally started making interior design products for numerous British rockstars and have since gone on to seek out the skills of Boneshaker Choppers, a bike customiser from Birmingham, England. The inspiration that underpins the bike hails from America’s post-war motorbike craze, when veterans would return home and reconstruct their bikes to create bespoke models (choppers), competing to create the most rock-'n'-rolling-cool and in the best way, dangerous design. “We build pretty much every type of bike – bobbers, choppers, track bikes etc – the Boneshaker Black came about during our obsession with boxy 70s Japanese café racers” says Massimo Buster Milane, Founder of Buster + Punch.

Massimo founded the company in 2013, and as you might expect with his background in interior design, he has a natural leaning towards raw materials of the rarest and finest specification, seeking inspiration from London’s fashion, music and sub-culture scenes. Massimo tells me that they are "one of the only companies in the world that work with truly solid metals" and their product spectrum is somewhat different but brilliant. Dedicated to revolutionising the way that conscientious clients decorate their homes, you can tell that Massimo is creating products that align with his interests. It’s all about the small details for him.

Based on an old Honda CB550, the bike reflects the design values that underpin Buster + Punch’s line of goods (lighting, furniture and drinks cabinets) and Massimo's favoured materials - brass, leather and bronze. “As per all of our bikes it is a ‘cut & shut’ bike, where we take the frame from one bike and stick in the engine of another – this one has a Honda 550 engine with a Yamaha 400 tank and frame, which gives it that unforgettable late 70s ‘boxy’ shape and a great racing stance.” It'll reach speeds up to 140mph and care of the engineering expertise of Benny Thomas, Founder of Boneshaker Choppers, the footpads and handle-bars have been soaked in whisky and then olive oil, to imbue the bike's brass components a super-clean knurled pattern, that will slowly age over time to give a beautiful patina. Quite apart from its bespoke composition, the attention to detail lavished upon it, and its exceptional power, the bike's formidable stance and distinctive design will more than ensure that you'll turn heads as your roar by. Whether in town or out on the open road, it's sure to command the scene.


September 2016


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