The Rake Dispatch: A Guide to Pitti Uomo 104

The Rake’s informed guide to Florence during Pitti Uomo 104.
Florence, Italy.

Florence is a city that meets expectations. No matter how many times one crosses the sepulchral, marble Duomo or strolls the mustard-lit streets at night, there’s a feeling that everything is as it should be—that the postcard was accurate—and that the lucky Florentines live among an antique urban beauty that maintains its glorious past. The River Arno divides the city in two. North is the commercial and historical heart of Florence, where the Fortezza da Basso is located, as well as the major sites and the shopping districts. On the south bank, long-established families and newly-arrived students reside in quieter neighbourhoods with quaint squares and excellent restaurants. To the east is the large district of Sant’Ambrogio, which, by many Florentine accounts, is considered the last part of the inner-city to retain the local dialect and character. Summers are especially humid in Florence, owing to the surrounding hills that prevent any breeze from coming in and offering relief at the Fortezza. So, since you are aiming to be looking your best at Pitti, gentlemen, it is important to pick tailoring that is breathable and light. Once you’re all ready and packed, this is The Rake’s informed guide to Florence during Pitti Uomo.


June 2023


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