The Rake Dispatch: San Sebastian - Spain’s Hungriest City

San Sebastian is a place that worships food at the altar. It is a beautiful, safe city, with its own unique Basque culture and language, and one of the best urban beaches in Europe. But many visitors arrive here on a gluttonous pilgrimage; preparing their empty stomachs for the endless small taverns, Michelin-stars, and ‘pintxo’ bars. 
Anthony Bourdain, San Sebastian.

A pintxo is a small snack (sort of like a tapas) that is often a mix of meats, cheeses, and fish placed on crusty bread. Unlike your run-of-the-mill tapas, even affordable pintxos are made with fresh ingredients and are prepared by passionate chefs. They’re to be savoured as much as the local cider that washes them down. In San Sebastian, streets like Calle Major offer rows of long-established pintxo joints that locals hop between, savouring specialties from each. Meanwhile, the fertile countryside that surrounds the city offers high-quality produce that features on some of the world’s best fine-dining restaurants. You can eat ‘low’ or ‘high’ in San Sebastian, and still return home each evening wondering if you’ve just had the best meal of your life—until you do it again tomorrow. Here is The Rake’s guide to San Sebastian. What to do, what to see, and most importantly where to eat.


October 2022


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