The Rake Dispatch: Venice Film Festival

You’ve probably already heard that there’s a film festival happening in La Serenissima. For all the fawning over Cannes and The Oscars, Venice happens to be the oldest and most sweeping, with stars gathering around one of the world’s most beautiful cities for a week to celebrate cinema. There will also be eating (and drinking) very well, too.
Taking a gondola ride during a trip to Venice (Photo by Archivio Cameraphoto Epoche/Getty Images).

Perhaps unfairly regarded as a touristic Disneyland, with its old streets and canals crowded by visitors, there is another Venice that one discovers merely by walking ten-minutes away from the sights. Suddenly, everything quiets down and the familiar clothes-lines and beautifully-decayed homes give the impression of a genuine Italian city; a moving city, where even families—yes, real Venetians—reside.The Festival brings with it another level of glamour. So, should you find yourself lucky enough to be in Venice at the start of September, here is The Rake’s guide on what to eat, see, do, and to watch, while you explore the maritimes city’s many treasures.


    August 2022


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