Pocket Guide: Foulkes & Sons

THE RAKE’s Contributing Editor Nick Foulkes and his sons, Max and Freddie, have kept spirits high during the coronavirus lockdown with their popular cigar reviews on YouTube. We asked them to show us their finest before they get any bigger…
Left to right: Max Foulkes, Nick Foulkes and Freddie Foulkes, self-portrait, at their ancestral seat in Shepherd’s Bush, west London.

YouTube has seen sensations come and go. From Logan Paul to Ninja, we watch as they crest the wave of public interest and reap the rewards thereof. They have never felt too much under threat… until recently, when a triumvirate of documentary makers came onto the scene, fighting coronavirus one corona at a time.

Nick Foulkes and his two sons, Max and Freddie, have taken the internet by storm with their rapier wit, impeccable taste in clothes, and well-seasoned palate for fermented tobacco. The premise is simple: they get up at the crack of dawn at the family seat in Shepherd’s Bush and review a selected cigar, offering historical and often unrelated anecdotes to keep the pace moving. What makes this such compelling watching is how, in the case of Max, he seems to have inherited his father’s irreverence and taste, the latter of which is something people all over the world try to emulate. Nick can claim to be the best dressed man in the world (though it’s not in his nature to do so). And the world has always needed more Nick Foulkes .

Max fills his Instagram account with two of his favourite passions, rap and cigars, the latter of which means you can find him on most days (when not in isolation) working at Davidoff of London. The time he has spent on the corner of Jermyn Street and St. James’s Street has given him an education that years at Oxbridge would be unlikely to match, and this is cause for unabashed parental pride.

Freddie, who has just turned 21, is one of many things — a Courtauld scholar, model, documentary director (see Foulkes & Sons videos), Portobello market stall owner, and someone who belies his age with a strikingly intelligent approach to style and self-expression.

To strike while the iron is hot (and as the remunerative value of talking to them hit record highs), we asked Foulkes and sons to shoot themselves for a Pocket Guide to allow us a closer look.


    June 2020


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