Polo Ralph Lauren X MLB

The Rake’s Editor Tom Chamberlin looks into Ralph Lauren’s new partnership with Major League Baseball.

What we in the United Kingdom have in common with the United States is far weightier and substantial than that which separates us. Though the things that separate us, admittedly, tends to make us all the more curious. Perhaps there is no division more profound than that of baseball and cricket.

To the uninitiated, both games are indecipherable but comparable, there are batsmen, innings, runs and fielders. We can take many life lessons from the patience, the pinpoint accuracy, gentlemanly conduct and teamwork involved in both sports but what baseball undoubtedly has over cricket is the romance. The teams, the uniforms, the cultural significance within communities and the deification of the players and the teams. Now that Ralph Lauren has launched their latest collaboration with the MLB, the ECB may have to take a permanent seat, or stand aside entirely, as there could be no greater stamp of approval, than when Ralph Lauren aligns itself with you.


May 2021


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