Purdey: Hallowed Country Accoutrements

True innovators in their field, since 1814 and retaining an unrivalled influence in British Country Sports, Purdey’s new collection depicts the highest-form of artisanal craft, which will see you looking very elegant and protect you from the follies of the outdoors.

October 1st is a poignant moment in the UK game shooting calendar. Sipping on a coffee in the local town hotel in Wales at sunrise last month – a small party of gentleman filtered into the bar. They wore smart horsebit brown loafers, long shooting socks and tweed breeks and fancied a caffeine fix before their departure. I didn’t press them for a chat and off they went to the hills. The landscape comprises of verdant valleys and wild, rugged uplands - a shooting man’s paradise. They could’ve been heading to any one of the popular shooting spots such as Brigands, Bettws Hall - widely considered the pinnacle of high-pheasant shooting.

The start of last month was also a significant day as the pheasant shooting season commenced, culminating in the part of the year when other game birds - grouse and partridge are also shot. It’s nearly the peak of the game shooting season, and whilst the mist rises up through the Welsh valleys towards the sun, November can throw up all sorts or inclement weather scenarios. Since 1814, sporting folk who have been faced with the unpredictable elements of nature have been relying on the indispensable accoutrements invented by Purdey.


    Freddie Anderson


    November 2020


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