Purdey: Ruling the roost

Retaining an unrivalled influence in British Country Sports, there’s signs Purdey has one eye on the future. Not shorn of authentic provenance, expect to see garments with a contemporary edge blended in with updated versions of their classics.

Returning from Procida the other weekend, one of the Phlegraean Islands off the coast of Naples, where it was still T-shirt and linen trouser weather, I was met at my local public house in Wales by a troupe of merry Londoners. It is not unusual to see them knocking back liquor, and less so at this time of year clothed in country-checked shirts, plus fours, and patterned woollen socks that are just about thin enough to slip into their Gucci horsebit loafers.

Referred to in Welsh literature as “the Paradise of Powys” the county of Powys lives up to its name in beauty, grandeur and in providing a home for the jewels of driven shooting in Wales. Nudging over a month since the pheasant shooting term commenced, we’re heading into peak season, where I expect to witness numerous other shooting parties who have retreated into the local town after an entertaining day at Long Mountain and Brigands, Bettws Hall, the latter of which is widely considered the pinnacle of high-pheasant shooting.


    Freddie Anderson


    November 2021


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