Purdey SS24 — British elegance meets contemporary craftsmanship

Unveiling the Purdey Spring/Summer 2024 collection: A blend of luxurious fabrics and elegant design, capturing the spirit of British style. 

Purdey SS24 — British elegance meets contemporary craftsmanship

February 2024 marks the arrival of Purdey's Spring/Summer 2024 collection, a line that seamlessly blends luxurious fabrics with modern aesthetics, drawing upon a rich heritage of craftsmanship honed since its inception in London in 1814.

This season, Purdey continues to define British style, skillfully navigating the realms of both urban and rural fashion. The SS24 collection offers a sophisticated yet functional approach to outerwear, coupled with refined tailoring and exquisite knitwear. The inspiration rooted in the brand's sporting legacy is evident, yet the collection is tailored for modern sensibilities, focusing on softness, comfort, and performance.

A distinguishing feature of this collection is its colour palette, deeply influenced by the British countryside. Shades of vibrant green and deep brown mirror the hues of fields and forests, while neutral tones of stone, flint, and birch subtly weave through the collection, enabling stylish tonal combinations. Key pieces highlight luxurious textures like Scottish-milled cashmere and heritage wool, offering a tactile richness to the apparel.

Outerwear mastery

Purdey's expertise in outerwear shines through in this collection. The lineup includes versatile field jackets, elegant capes, sleek double-breasted overcoats, and fishtail parkas that nod to British military heritage. These pieces are crafted from luxurious materials like double-faced cashmere and jersey-backed wool, along with innovative fabrics such as water-repellent cotton and waxed linen.

The Connaught Cape stands out as a quintessential Purdey piece, boasting a luxurious double-faced design with a distinctive horn button at the neck and a leather trim. The Field Jacket, another staple, has been reimagined in a waxed cotton and linen blend for a softer feel. The Tailored Field Jacket and Range Coat merge classic styles with a modern touch, while the Quilted Jacket offers lightweight, water-repellent comfort.

Camel Shades: A nod to urban elegance

This season, Purdey also introduces a range of pieces in a warm, autumnal camel shade. These items span across various categories including outerwear, knitwear, and tailoring, and are made from materials like camel hair, cashmere, merino wool, and herringbone cloths. The Town and Country Double Face Coat and a reversible double-faced poncho are highlights, blending traditional designs with a touch of Italian elegance.

Timeless Knitwear for Spring Layering

The knitwear in Purdey's SS24 collection is designed for versatility and layering. Lightweight pieces complement the outerwear, while chunkier options, knitted in heritage styles, stand out on their own. The Tank Knit and Rosehall Estate Jumper are notable examples, of blending traditional designs with contemporary styles. Additionally, the collection offers a knitted alternative to the classic polo shirt, perfect for pairing with tailored chinos.