Raincoats and Umbrellas: Two Lines of Defence

Be prepared for a cloudburst assault. Travelling on foot is now more frequent, so we thought it apt to handpick a selection of raincoats according to the temperature and of course a few umbrellas to double up on your resistance.

As Storm Darcy grips the UK, forcing the Met Office to issue amber weather warnings for snow in large parts of the UK, it is usually best to recline in an armchair in front of an open fire. However, like it does in Saint Petersburg, which has 75 snowfall days a year, the show goes on. Not everyone has the luxury to evade the insurgence of snow, wind and rain from the Black Sea by staying indoors. This time the deluges are intermittent due to Siberian temperatures, but with the April showers around the corner, it’s wise to have a couple of raincoats in your arsenal that have different attributes.

For city gent commuting in sub-zero temperatures at the crack of dawn, and with rain forecast - it can leave one in a genuine coat dilemma. The archetypal city raincoat is unlikely to keep you insulated. It’s not the first time we have made a marvellous discovery in Italy, and in Sealup you can find raincoats that perfectly balance Italian elegance with cocoon modifications. Their beige and gold 3-in-1 detachable vest raincoat will more than solve the coat conundrum when walking through Central Park, New York in winter. It has a detachable vest, which is 90% goose-feather and 10% piuminio to keep you snug from frosty temperatures. Composed of a luxurious water-repellent blend, extra details include a hook-and-eye collar closure and cotton fleece lining for added warmth and with its slick nature, it’s a lightweight option to wear over a suit. This magnificent raincoat also comes in a beautiful chocolate brown or navy shade. Fellow Italian’s Valstar have also produced an exquisite raincoat that is extremely warm, and like Sealup’s design, arrives without the added bulk. Made from an alpaca wool blend, which comes in a striking houdstooth pattern, this raincoat manages to exude undeniable charm, whilst keeping its technical eccentricities firmly intact.


    Freddie Anderson


    February 2021


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