How to Dress for a Meeting

The economist Thomas Sowell famously hates them, but work meetings are an unavoidable reality. Here’s how to dress for them and spin them to your advantage.
JFK Jr. interviewing the former U.S. president Gerald Ford for George Magazine in 1996. (Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)
Jimmy Hoffa is pissed off. And it’s the best scene in Martin Scorsese’s gangster flick The Irishman, 2019. A venting of venom by proxy, one suspects that the be-suited Hoffa - played by Al Pacino - doesn’t apply the same standards to all of his colleagues. But with this guy, arriving as he does, well, it’s just not on. He lets rip.
“Making a point dressing like that?” Hoffa asks, belligerently. “You dress like that for a meeting?”. “This is how you dress in Florida?” replies Anthony Provenzano, played by Stephen Graham, wearing sunnies, cabana shirt - worn undone to mid-chest - and shorts. “For a meeting?” Hoffa shoots back. “Anywhere. Florida, Timbuktu, I dress in a suit. For a meetin’. And you’re late.”


    February 2022


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