Rakes on the Road Episode Two: Brett Goldstein

The Rake’s Editor-in-Chief Tom Chamberlin and the Emmy-nominated Brett Goldstein take the Bentley Continental GT Mulliner on the road, and try their hand at blacksmithing.

Welcome to episode two of Rakes on the Road. The long gap between episodes has been regrettable yet unavoidable. But if we are going to look on the bright side, and I recommend that always, then I’d say we timed things perfectly to align with a cultural underdog that has become a beacon of optimism, kindness and generosity: Ted Lasso.

    To celebrate the launch of the second season of Ted Lasso, the Emmy-nominated Brett Goldstein, who plays the show’s lovable curmudgeon Roy Kent, took to the road with Editor-in-Chief Tom Chamberlin to set the world to rights — and try their hand at some blacksmithing. The Bentley Continental GT Mulliner took them to Berkshire and back, where the challenge was to create a viking knife using craft skills that are thousands of years old. On the road, they discuss life, love and the future of cinema in a streaming world.

    Video by Marcus Ebanks


      July 2021


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