Ralph Lauren for The Rake ‘Bearfoot Negroni Bear’ watch

10 Minute Read The Negroni Bear goes barefoot to the Maldives dressed in the epitome of tropical black-tie chic.

I described him in my last story with these words: “His countenance is known the world over. His visage has become an obsession for men and women alike. There are legions devoted to his ineffable style, his ability to move effortlessly between sublime sports chic, pitch-perfect preppy-dom, and transcendent black tie. He says little, but his warm, fathomless brown eyes speak volumes of his extraordinary depth. And while he may be small in stature, he exudes a heroism and strength of character that is singular and inspirational. And the mere rumour of his appearance on a skateboard literally broke the internet, with millions of fans vying for the chance to meet him.” I speak, of course, of the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear.

But what his fans may not know is that this diminutive bear is also an international jet setter sans pareil. And throughout the year he can normally be found wintering in Telluride, on his magnificent ranch, and summering in Montauk, where he resides in a home once owned by John Lennon, or at his residence in Round Hill near Montego Bay, once the abode of Babe and Bill Paley. Those of us following his seemingly innumerable miraculous appearances at the world’s most fabled destinations are awed by the relentless pace of his ursine globetrotting. One minute he’s at the Taormina film festival slurping up a plate of spaghetti ricci di mare in the company of Hollywood’s most luminous demoiselles, immaculate in his shantung dinner jacket. The next he’s in Shanghai or Capri or Mustique and always among the finest company, always resplendently turned out with sartorial elan.

The Ralph Lauren for The Rake ‘Bearfoot Negroni Bear’ watch is available to order now via the link below.


June 2022


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