Ramp Up With Your Summer Repertoire With Anderson & Sheppard

The Savile Row house’s warmer-months offerings are more and more bespoken of with each passing solstice…

Savile Row folklore isn’t short of choicenarrativenuggets – but perhaps this author’s favourite involves Fred Astairegiving impromptu dance performances tostaff members in Anderson & Sheppard’s Savile Rowpremises(this waslongbefore its bespoke operationsmoved toOld Burlington Streetin 2005). He didthisso that he could examine howhissuit-in-progresswould behave inresponse to each to jig, step and leap in the surrounding mirrors.If the neck of his coat didn’tstayflush against his shirt collar,hewoulddemand alterations.

Withanecdotes like that in the bank– made all the more powerful because theyelaborate onAnderson & Sheppard’stime-honoured tailoring style (Astaire’sgarmentswould have been made in such awaythateven hisballet, tap and ballroom hybridwould have limitedimpact on theirdrape and silhouette) – it’s no wonder Anderson & Sheppard is still considered a Savile Row bespoke tailoring stalwart, despite the aforementionedmoveoff the street.


    June 2020


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