Revolution and The Rake are joining forces with a selection of valued partners in holding a charity auction in support of businesses and families that have been impacted by Covid-19.


Why an auction?

I hope you’re healthy and safe. I know this has been a tough time for a lot of people. Many businesses have been impacted; some are even considering shutting down. A lot of people have had to deal with illness or even loss in their families.

You might have heard that Revolution is holding a charity auction of prototype and unique watches. And I wanted to explain why. Those of us who are lucky enough to live in a first world country are starting to see restrictions lifted and our economies coming back online.

But we are just starting to see the effects of the pandemic in countries that are less fortunate, that did not have the same level of medical support and infrastructure that we have. So, we wanted to raise funds for these countries that are most urgently affected.

I also wanted to point out that hosting a charity auction to raise money for a cause is not an original idea. Luc Pettavino has been hosting Only Watch for many years to benefit research into Muscular Dystrophy. And, early this year a great example was set byAndrew McUtchenandTime+Tidewho demonstrated that an online watch magazine could galvanize the industry around an urgent cause.

Amid the onslaught of the Australian fires McUtchen and Time+Tide created Watch Act, a charity auction that benefited bush fire relief efforts. So, it’s not that we think we have any particular right to unite the watch industry around the Covid-19 cause. We just wanted to make a small effort, to make a gesture of solidarity in fighting this pandemic.

Please see here to view all of the auction lots.

Where will the money go?

OK, so here is an important change. Our auction benefits the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Solidarity Fund, which directs money to the parts of the world that are most badly affected. However, because we understand that you might feel that there is a specific part of the world that needs help the most, we would like to offer the following option.

We will let the person that wins each lot decide who they want their money to benefit.As long as it is an established Covid-19 related charity, we have absolutely no issue directing 100 percent of the proceeds from the auction to the charity of your choice.Because we don’t want you to have any reservations or hesitations about bidding.

When and where will the auction be held?

Our auction will be hosted the week of June 15th. We didn’t want to wait too much longer. This has made it a little difficult for some brands that wanted to participate but couldn’t be ready by this date and we understand and thank them anyway.

The auction will be hosted, which is a business that specializes in hosting online charity auctions. They will accept the payment and then forward the funds directly to the chosen charity. If you win a lot, we will send you proof that your money has been sent to your charity.

OK, with that out of the way let’s get to the fun stuff. Many of the auction lots come from our limited-edition collaborations over the last three years. Some are donated by us such as the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph “Blue Dreamer” and the Sinn 155 1Bundeswehr “Dark Star” and some are donated by the brands, who made them such as the Hublot Aerofusion Chronograph “Molon Labe” titanium and bronze chronograph or the Zenith Chronomaster Revival Ref. A3818 “Cover Girl”.

We’ve also got watches with incredible personal history such as Georges Kern’s personal Navitimer PAN AM limited edition on an Air Racer bracelet that he’s worn since he took over as CEO of the brand and donated by Breitling. While Panerai has donated the factory prototype of the Carbotech 44 blue index Luminor Marina PAM 1661 launched just this year.

My buddy George Bamford has jumped in with a unique pink and green Bamford GMT that we’ve already got a lot of staff competing for. We’ve even got watches donated by individual collectors such as @hands.faces.caseswho read about the auction and wanted to donate his very cool Baltic salmon dial Worn&Wound limited edition watch. And the awesome guys at Time+Tide have donated a DOXA SUB 300 Carbon Aqua Lung US Divers Sharkhunter. So, I wanted to catch up with you to give you the latest on all the auction lots we’ve confirmed so far.

Finally, I am proud to announce when the team behind my other magazineThe Rakeheard about the Revolution auction they also wanted to participate and assembled some amazing lots of their own. As such we’ve decided to merge the two sets of lots together and change the name of the auction from the Revolution Odd Balls auction to the Revolution x The Rake Covid-19 Solidarity Auction.

Which also makes sense because, in fact, two of the auction lots – the prototypes of the Hublot “Molon Labe” and TAG Heuer “Blue Dreamer”, were created with The Rake in mind. Please check out the additional Rake lots because they are genuinely cool and if you like cigars or tailoring and classic men’s style. they might appeal to you.

Let’s look at the auction lots we have confirmed so far which are divided into watches, crafting and experiences which I am sure you will agree that there is some amazing stuff here.

Alternatively please see here to view all of the auction lots

N.B:We will be adding further lots to this list as our remaining partners finalize their contributions.


Bamford Watches

Unique Pink and Green Bamford GMT

George Bamford earned his reputation as the watch world’s coolest customizer, by transforming Rolexes into blacked out, hyper-modern timepieces that struck a massive chord with an all new generation of watch buyers.

He has since been brought in house, creating special editions and unique pieces for brands such as TAG Heuer, Zenith and Bulgari amongst others. Watches such as his 50-piece Zenith A384 “Edge of Space” limited edition created for Mr. Porter – which sold out in a matter of minutes – has solidified his position as a true aesthetic innovator.

This watch, Bamford’s GMT features George’s original design. It uses a Swiss movement and enables the owner to tell time in two zones, thanks to a 24-hour bezel that is controlled using the crown at the top left of the cushion shaped case. This unique piece features a wonderful pink and green bezel created by George to bring a smile to our faces.

The retail value of this watch is £1,100 and for Limited Editions it is £1,500


CEO Georges Kern’s personal Navitimer PAN AM limited-edition on an Air Racer bracelet with video message for winner

Launched in 2018 the now sold out Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43 PAN AM edition was created as a tribute to the Golden Age of commercial air travel. Its vivid blue and red colorway energizes the Navitime’s iconic design characterized by clear easy-to-read tri-compax chronograph layout, complimented by its signature slide rule bezel that allowed pilots to perform crucial calculations when airborne.

The watch is made unique first by the addition of the ultra-cool Air Racer bracelet and second by the fact that it is Breitling CEO Georges Kern’s personal watch. When it comes to leaders in the watch industry, they don’t come more famous or accomplished than Georges Kern, who transformed IWC from the pragmatic manufacturer of instrument watches into one of the hottest watch brands on the planet. Since 2017, he has been applying the same magic to Breitling resulting in some of the most appealing modern timepieces around – like this Navitimer. This amazing lot comes with a recorded video message from Kern, to the new owner.

The retail value of this watch is £7,000

Anonymous Donor

3 BNIB Swatch Sistem51 Hodinkee Generation 1986


This is a lot of three Swatch Sistem51 Hodinkee Generation 1986 watches, generously donated by a friend who has asked to remain anonymous. Hodinkee worked with Swatch to produce a timepiece that is fun, affordable, and highlights the company’s key role in the revival of the Swiss watch industry.

This was also the third time that Hodinkee has collaborated with Swatch to produce a timepiece. The first was the Swatch Sistem51 Hodinkee Vintage 84 in 2017 and next came the Sistem51 Blue Edition for Hodinkee in 2018. The Sistem51 Hodinkee Generation 1986 was launched in 2019.

The fact that it also contains the Sistem51 movement, now with the anti-magnetic Nivachron™ hairspring, ends up as a pretty great bonus. The Sistem51is considered by many collectors as one of the most interesting mechanical developments in the watchmaking world this past decade.



The Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigrio Speciale prototype


An entertaining escapist fare, 6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Michael Bay clearly struck a chord with over 83 million Netflix subscribers in its first four weeks of release, making it one of the online network’s most avidly viewed original productions.

The plot is as follows. Reynolds plays “One” a billionaire philanthropist who is frustrated with the atrocities he witnesses in fictionalized nation of Turginstan (this is, in fact, the ancient name for a province of the Sasanian Empire, in what is now modern-day Pakistan). As such he puts together a team of highly gifted operator types, including the wonderful actress of Inglorious Basterds fame, Melanie Laurent, to take out Turgistan’s ruling despot, played by the dude from Fauda. What ensues is, as expected, a Michael Bay signature melee of effects driven action that is ribald and highly amusing if not overly cerebral.

What is very clear in the film is that “One” is an individual that has a true penchant for quality horology. This is evinced in both his dress watch, a Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer in white gold powered by the magnificent in-house micro rotor driven, COSC and Geneva Seal certified Calibre 1.96 derived 96.01, as well as his “mission” watch the Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale.

And indeed, if you were a gentleman vigilante you could make no better choice than this Grigio Speciale. First, its 43mm in size and its clearly defined dial iconography provides perfect legibility for coordinating timing for key mission objectives.




Second the case, bezel and crown are made of titanium, which is then coated to produce a light reflecting matt grey. This material is both far stronger than steel and also much lighter. Third, the sandblasted dial combined with grey hands and grey Luminova filled Arabic indexes is perfect for creating a stealthy low-key appearance yet provides easy reading at a glance.

Fourth the watch is driven by the highly robust automatic winding Caliber 01.08-C with date and power reserve indicator guaranteed to function flawlessly even while being shot at by bad guys.





When Chopard Co-President and owner Karl-Friedrich Scheufele first heard about the Revolution x The Rake Covid-19 Solidarity Auction, to benefit the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Solidarity Fund, he wanted to find just the right timepiece to donate.

When he told us that he was providing us with the prototype of the titanium Mille Migila watch worn by Ryan Reynolds in the 6 Underground, we were absolutely blown away by his generosity. He explains, “Chopard does not, as a rule, put prototypes of our creations up for sale. But in an exceptional situation, an adequate response is required, and the COVID-19 pandemic gives us a reason to break this rule. We herewith offer the first prototype of a bold time piece for sale to benefit the World Health Organisation's Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund. It is the Scheufele family’s hope that this highly exceptional ‘Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale’ will break auction records to raise as much money as possible to support the fight against the virus.”



We would like to thank Karl-Friedrich, his sister and co-president of Chopard Caroline and the entire Scheufele and Chopard families for their wonderful donation.

The retail value of this watch is £10,000


Place Girardet Prototype with Special Engraving “E Pluribus Unum”

The Place Girardet was created in 2016 to celebrate Girard-Perregaux’s 225thAnniversary. Ok what’s cool about this watch? Girard-Perregaux is most famous for its incredible three golden bridge tourbillon. Where each bridge supports one of the movement’s key elements such as the barrel, the center wheel and the tourbillon.

The Place Girardet was the first watch to borrow a single gold bridge and instead of a tourbillon, features a simple Microvar free spring balance wheel, to create a more accessibly priced timepiece.

Every dial of the 225-piece edition was different and each featured a different engraving related to an event that occurred in one of the 225 years since Girard-Perregaux’s birth. What is appealing is that the great folks at Girard-Perregaux have tracked down the prototype of this sold out special series and engraved this year “2020” with the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum”.

This is both the state motto of New York and the motto of the United States of America, but it’s relevance transcends any geographical boundary. Because it means “out of many one,” a statement that reminds us all that we are in this struggle against the Covid-19 pandemic and the medical and economic devastation, together.

The retail value of this watch isCHF 29,600


IWC Schaffhausen Prototype Spitfire Timezoner 000/250

In 2019 two intrepid aviators, Steve Boultbee-Brooks and Matt Jones, successfully attempted to fly a Silver Spitfire around the world, taking in some of the most famous landmarks on the planet from the Grand Canyon in the West to the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji in the East. IWC supported the project as a sponsor, and created this watch for the pilots.

They took off from Goodwood in England on August 5, 2019, on the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion. The watch is cased in stainless steel and measures 46 mm in diameter. Similar in dimensions to the Big Pilot, it also uses a large onion crown and has a height of 15.1 mm.

The large size of the watch is good for legibility while on the job and the easy adjustments of the timezone using the bezel is a plus. Rotating the bezel sets the watch to a different time zone. The hour hand, the 24-hour display and the date are likewise adjusted automatically. The names of 24 cities are displayed on the bezel; each one represents one of the international time zones.

The timepiece on offer is the prototype that has been there since Pre-SIHH, SIHH, the take-off, signing of the Silver Spitfire, the stopover in Santa Monica and the landing in Goodwood. It’s really witnessed the story of the Silver Spitfire.

The watch is will also be accompanied by flight gear worn by pilot Matt Jones for part of the journey.

Says CEO, Christoph Grainger-Herr, “If we should learn one thing from Covid-19, then it is how the major challenges in our globalized and connected world can only be overcome through collaboration, ingenuity and respect for each other. This was also one of the inspirations behind the ‘Silver Spitfire – The Longest Flight’ project in collaboration with Boultbee Flight Academy and pilots Matt Jones and Steve Brooks: To demilitarize an aviation icon, bring out its beautiful silhouette and travel around the world to connect people of all backgrounds through the shared passion for beauty, engineering and adventure.

“I am very thrilled to support the Revolution x The Rake Covid Solidarity auction with this absolutely unique original prototype of the IWC Spitfire Timezoner, the perfect watch for globetrotting and worn by me at both the departure and the successful arrival of the Silver Spitfire in Goodwood.”


Richard Lee

Baltic x Worn & Wound Limited Editions with Salmon Sector Dial

When I first announced Revolution’s charity auction, an incredible person named Vaughn, who goes by the Instagram handle@hands.faces.casesbased in Australia reached out to say, he wanted to donate this Baltic x Worn & Wound sold out Sector dial beauty.

In many ways Baltic, a brand founded in France in 2017 andWorn & Wound founded in 2011– a great online resource with a focus on great value watches – are each other’s spiritual counterparts.

Their timepiece is inspired by sector or scientific dial watches found from the 20’s well into the 50’s. These dials feature separate tracks for the minutes/seconds and the hours for ultimate precision. There is a particular design finesse with which this dial has been executed in the use of a frosted/sandblasted finish for both the center of the dial and the outer edge where the minute/seconds track – inchemin de feformat – sits. Hours in beautifully stylized Arabic numerals sit on a circular brushed background, while the center of the dial also features a crosshair element.

The retail value of this watch is US$400


Factory Prototype Hublot Aerofusion Chronograph “Molon Labe” titanium and bronze limited edition for The Rake

Created in 2005 the Hublot Big Bang united traditional watchmaking with exciting contemporary design and the use of modern materials. The Aerofusion refers to a fully skeletonized chronograph model that allows you to see the inner mechanics of the in-house Unico movement powering your watch.

The “Molon Labe” was conceptualized as a fusion of ancient and modern materials. Its name comes from the response from Leonidas – the King of the 300 Spartans, who defended Thermopylae from the army of Xerces of Persia. In the face of overwhelming odds, he and his force of elite soldiers were commanded to lay down their weapons. His response to this was “Molon labe”, or “come and get them”.

The Spartans shields were made from bronze, the same material for this watch’s bezel. The “Molon Labe” was created in a 25-piece limited edition for The Rake in 2018 and was rapidly sold out. Beware The Rake and Revolution founder intends to bid on this watch as the “Molon Labe” he reserved with number 1, was sold behind his back to a customer in London and he is still pissed off by this.

The retail value of this watch is£14,900

Jose R. Bueiz Girona

1954 Omega Constellation ref. 2782-6SC

Another act of kindness portrayed here is from my friend, Jose R. Bueiz Girona (@zeaccesorios). Jose reached out to offer his personal, 1954 Omega Constellation ref. 2782-6SC.

When I asked him, what compelled him towards this act of generosity, Jose started by telling me a little about the watch, “offered here is my 1954 Omega Constellation ref. 2782-6sc in gold cap and stainless steel, powered by its chronometer rated cal. 354 movement.

“This example of the early bumper operated Constellation is in beautiful condition. An all original watch that I am the second owner of. The watch was pampered by the original owner and it really does show. Its cross-haired dial does show signs of lacquer degradation for the exposure to sunlight, but [overall] it is completely legible and intact.

“I have had the dial looked at by a professional watchmaker, Scott Heisler of Orlando Watch Co., a second-generation watchmaker, degreed and certified to work on all major brands, Omega, Breitling, Cartier and Rolex to name a few.

“Ivory dial is 100% original and has a feature only Mother Nature and time can produce. In person, you see a suede-like look to the dial, very unique! Crystal is perfect with Omega symbol still visible in the center. Hands and crown are original and wonderful shape.

“The case of the gold capped Connie has not been banged or desk-rashed as one would expect of a watch of its age. Facets are intact and clean. And that Observatory! Looks like the day it was placed on the case back. Crown is very sharp and crisp.

“The cal. 354 movement is running like it was just assembled yesterday and is spot on. Very clean and a well taken care of timepiece. And of course, has the original Omega buckle to top it all off.”

Guys, I think I’ll leave it at that.


Factory Prototype Luminor Marina PAM 1661 Carbotech 44 with Blue Indexes

Panerai has always been one of our favorite brands. This watch takes the unique carbon fiber contrasted with vivid blue elements introduced in Panerai’s Lab ID, a watch that uses no lubrication of any kind.

Carbotech is carbon fibre and a polymer compressed into thin sheets and layered, then milled providing a much higher surface hardness than molded carbon fiber cases. This watch features Panerai’s sandwich dial which allows for far greater application of luminous material in this case rendered in vivid blue.

It uses Panerai’s automatic 3-day power reserve movement P9010 and is the prototype of one of 2020’s hottest releases. The screw down case back is made in DLC treated titanium and the watch is water resistant to 300 meters. Note that this watch will be engravedOP7060 PN003965with “OFFICINE PANERAI” instead of PANERAI as the watchmaker does today.

The retail value of this watch is US$ 12,800


Factory prototype bronze Hydrosphere x The Rake x Fari Islands edition with stay and dive trip

The Reservoir Hydrosphere is the world’s only retrograde minute, jumping hourz dive watch. Reservoir has created a unique bronze edition for The Rake dedicated to our first shop situated on the Fari Islands, in the Maldives due to open in January 2021.

Please note this watch is still being created and will only be ready for delivery at the end July. In addition, as this is the very first Fari Islands specific prototype the watch will also come with a voucher for a two-night stay in a villa at the Fari Islands resort in the Maldives, which can be redeemed once it is opened.

Sinn — From Revolution’s Archives

155 “Dark Star” Bundeswehr Chronograph

The Bundeswehr watch was designed for military pilots, in the West German Federal Defence Force (Bundeswehr). They were initially made by a company called Leonidas, which was later purchased by Heuer. Sinn’s role in this story came during the 1980s and early 1990s when Mr Helmut Sinn purchased phased-out watches from the inventories of the Bundeswehr and sold these after reconditioning with, inter alia, added SINN lettering on the dial under the label “Bundeswehr Chronograph for Pilots” as the Model 155 Bw.

All watches were fitted with a “Bund” style double layer strap, which was meant to protect the pilot’s skin in the case of extreme temperatures. In 2019 Sinn reissued the 155 Bundeswehr, this time in collaboration with Revolution.

This is the rarest of the three re-editions with just 150 examples made. It features the exact same case, bezel and domed plexiglass crystal as the vintage military watches but in place of the 3H logo you will find a subtle black star that can only be seen in direct light endowing the military chronograph with its sobriquet the “Dark Star”. Revolution had retained this “00” prototype for our archives, however we are now making it available to this cause.

The retail value of this watch isUS$ 2,500

Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis creates pièce unique titanium watch, the Excalibur Essential Blue

Nicola Andreatta, the CEO of Roger Dubuis, has an incredible history with the brand. The watch cases for Roger Dubuis’ very first watches back in 1995 were, in fact, manufactured by Andreatta’s father in his capacity as the head of Timeo SA.

And Andreatta both created and ran his own brand N.O.A. watches and was the CEO of Tiffany watches before joining Roger Dubuis, in 2018. So, he understands on a very deep and personal level what it means to visualize success. He says, “One of the things that attracted me to Roger Dubuis is this spirit of adventure, courage and hope – qualities that I think we are all in need of now, more than ever before, during this period of the global pandemic.

“As such, when you approached us with the idea of creating a charity auction to benefit the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Solidarity fund, and express solidarity in the watch collecting community, which is a wonderfully international community, we did not hesitate to join.”



What is amazing is that Andreatta had to wait for his manufacture to reopen before assembling his team to create a watch that they would feel expresses the concepts of solidarity, optimism and hope.

Says Andreatta, “We wanted to create a watch that was an expression of who we are today, a unique voice that celebrates modernism but also represents the very best of Geneva watchmaking traditions.” Indeed, Roger Dubuis is unique in its ability to create wildly imaginative modern watchmaking but still backed by iconic hallmarks, like the Geneva Seal.

Andreatta chuckles when he remarks, “We were the very first manufacture to have a watch with a carbon fiber movement that was given the Geneva Seal. At first when we submitted the movement, the Geneva Seal authority was quite perplexed, but then we showed them all the high finishing such as beveling on the bridges and so on was still there.”


The pièce unique watch created specifically by Andreatta and his team is a black DLC treated titanium Excalibur model named, Excalibur Essential Blue. It is one of a kind and has been created expressly for the Revolution x The Rake Covid-19 Solidarity Auction, with the objective to direct funds raised to the parts of the world most in need.

The watch features a 45mm grade 5 titanium case that has been given a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) treatment to give it the matt black hue. Look closely and you’ll see that previous to this treatment the case has received all the refined finishing, the fine brush on the lugs contrasted by the high polished case flank that is synonymous with Roger Dubuis.

The unique dial features a grey galvanically applied color combined with an appealing sunburst effect. The bezel flange features a blue minute ring, while the continuous seconds indicator is located at 6 o’clock together with the date aperture.

The dial design features Roger Dubuis’ iconic flying Roman numerals, as well as, the diamond tipped hour and minute hands, which are crafted from white gold then anthracite coated. Flip the watch over all you’ll see the massive oversized automatic rotor crafted from titanium then DLC coated, and is inspired by the wheel of a super car.




Says Andreatta, “At Roger Dubuis we are constantly obsessed about our effort to embody the future of Haute Horlogerie. At the same time, we are all facing a present which is shaking the fundamentals of our personal and professional lives, at a level never seen before. For us to live the present while continuing to think positively about a better future, we believe this is the time to think and eventually re-think our relationship with the world surrounding us.

It is a moment to give back and to help the communities which are currently struggling in coping with the pandemic. That is the reason why, to look at the future with trust and hope, and to give our own contribution in shaping a better tomorrow, we happily decided to join the initiative promoted by Revolution and WHO.”

The year of the Excalibur Essential Blue’s creation is 2020 and it is valued at 15,000 Euro (excl. taxes).

TAG Heuer creates unique Heuer 02T to donate to the Revolution x The Rake Covid-19 Solidarity Auction

When approached about our Covid-19 Solidarity Auction it was the decision of TAG Heuer’s outgoing CEO, Stefan Bianchi and, incoming CEO, Frédéric Arnault to offer a unique execution of the Heuer-02T.

On the watch’s fully skeletonized dial, instead of the typical TAG Heuer logo we find the “inverted logo” which resembles the silhouette of a house. This logo along with the hashtag #stayhome was used throughout the period of self-isolation and shelter at home around the world as a symbol of unity and support by TAG Heuer.

Says the brand’s Heritage Director Catherine Eberle-Devaux, “We thought it would be extremely fitting to create a unique watch with a skeletonized dial and featuring this ‘Stay Home’ logo which became very meaningful to the TAG Heuer community throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.”
As this watch will be a piece unique, the watch will only be ready in fall however Eberle explains, “We would love to invite the winning bidder to come and visit us in La Chaux-de-Fonds and tour both our manufacture and our museum.”

Finally, the winner will also be invited to the Monaco for either the E Grand Prix, the Grand Prix Historic or the F-1 race in 2021. There he or she will be invited to dinner with Eberle and myself. We would like to thank TAG Heuer for this combination of an extraordinary watch and a wonderfully unique experience.


May 2020


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